Notice From Management Company

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Notice from the Management Company

Dear Property Owner:

We are proud to announce that our office will be moving to its new home at 28420 Hardy Toll Road, Suite 210, Spring, TX 77373 on February 1st of 2021!  We are relocating to a beautiful Class A space in Spring which will provide a large and inviting reception area for all homeowners. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and work with you at our new location.   

While there have been significant changes along with the name of our company over the last year, please know that our staff remain ready and available to answer any questions you may have in addition to those answered here.

Who is Goodwin & Co? What happened to Community Asset Management?
Goodwin & Company is an association management company founded in Austin, TX in 1978. Goodwin & Company acquired Community Asset Management (the former managing agent for your Association) in early 2020 with accounts transitioned into the Goodwin & Company family on September 1st, 2020. Goodwin & Co has also retained all employees from Community Asset Management as it seeks to grow in the Houston area. Your community manager prior to the acquisition remains your dedicated community manager today.

Can I still come in and make a payment?
Absolutely! However, please know that payments dropped off in person may delay the payment posting to your account by several business days. While our staff will remain available for you to come in to make your payment directly, we strongly encourage that you consider one of the other convenient options listed below.

1. Pay on TownSq (posts within 24 hours):* Pay through the TownSq website ( or mobile application. Your account balance is also available by accessing your TownSq account.

2. Mail in payment (posts within 24 hours of receipt via mail carrier): Mail your payment (payable to the Association) to the following lockbox address below. Please be advised, if you no longer have the coupon included with your billing statement, the payment must include your association's name and your account number:

Woodedge Village

c/o Goodwin Processing Center

PO Box 93447

Las Vegas, NV 89193-3447


3. Bank bill-pay service: If you use your bank's bill-pay service, please change the name of the payee and the address for payment to the P.O. Box address referenced above.  You will need to note your account number and association code in the memo section of your check.