Clubhouse Renovations

Dear Residents,

As you may have noticed we have been working hard at renovating the clubhouse.  We are extremely happy to report that as of today we have completed renovating both the men's and women's restrooms in the clubhouse including flooring, new faucets, new cabinets,  new toilets, new sinks, and light fixtures.   The walls have been painted.  Safety glass has been installed at the entry way window.  The cabinets have been painted and have new hardware.  Internal and external lighting fixtures have been updated.  The wrought iron has been painted.  New kiddie mulch has been installed in the playground also.    Please be patient as there is still ongoing renovations being done at the clubhouse, pool and pool restrooms. 

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Deed Restrictions 90-Day Report

Total Violations Acitvity (90-Day Summary - Total 61)

WVCIA TotalActivity


Violation Activity (90-Day Summary - Total 61)

WVCIA Totals

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Deed Restrictions Oct 2018

Total Violations (30-Days):

WVCIA 1018


Stage Change Summary (30-Days):

Chart 53

Category Summary (30-Days):

Chart 25


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Deed Restriction Status

Total Violation Letter Counts


Status Change Summary (90 days)


Category Summary (90 days)



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